How to update the software for your Pixie Point

Each Pixie Point runs software (sometimes also called Firmware) on its microprocessor. On occasion Pixie will have an update to the firmware of your Pixie Points.

If one Point needs software update, “Update Point Software” message will be shown in the bottom of the home page screen. Tap on the message to start the update process.

Once you have updated via the App Store and then relaunched the App will begin to update the software of the first Point found by the App. 

NOTE: your Phone will need to have a ACTIVE internet connection to complete the Update process.

You will see the following screen (in this case the Phone Point is being updated first):

Once the Connection between the App and your first Point is completed the screen will change to:

The Percentage meter will progress quickly.  And when the update has been successful the App will display the following screen:

Now the App returns to the familiar home screen.  You will note one difference, that each Point icon listed will have a Red Circle-1 in the upper corner .  This is to indicate which Points need to be updated.

Now to Update your remaining Points. 

IMPORTANT: The Points must be within close proximity to your Phone - No more than 3 feet away.  Tap the Update Points Software Button.


The Pixie App will notify you of any Points that were not within range. 

NOTE: The Update Points Software button will remain at the bottom of the screen until the App sees that all associated Points in the list are updated.

Additionally, if you have Points with older software, each time you open the App over the first week the App will launch the Update screen.  After the first week, the App will try to update once every 2 weeks until all the Points have the latest software version.  Remember it is important to get all your Points updated, as this will improve the battery life.

The App will let you know when the update has been completed.


Point Update Not Completed:

When a Point did not fully complete the SW update (e.g. if the App was accidentally closed in the middle of the updating process), the point will have "Exclamation mark" “and the name of the point will become greyed out. This point must complete the update, before you will be able use it to find your item.


Continue Automatically Mode

Continue automatically will update all the points in range one by one automatically
in case the button will be grey (not green in the pic above) after update single point you will need to start again the updated for the next point manually by selecting “continue updating”

Default is “Continue Automatically”


Do I have to update my Points SW in order to continue working?

  • No, the Application will continue working with old Points SW as well

What will happen if I update only some of my Points?

  • Nothing, you can continue working as usual, that said, it is highly recommended to complete the update for all Points.

Do I have to update all the Points at once?

  • No, you can update one by one. But, it is highly recommended to complete the update for all Points.

I open the Application but didn’t see the “Update Points SW”?

  • It is most likely your Phone is off line, or the connection is “broken” don’t worry, when you next open the application you will get notice about the update…
  • or you have already update all your points. 

When can I start the updating the Points Software?

  • You can start the update process if at least one of the Points is within close proximity to your Phone

If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to Open a Request:  Via the Help Center or via email:

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